Contractors: How does it work?

Energy efficient retrofits

We provide our Retrofit Contractors with pre-surveyed property leads in a standard electronic format.

Every Request For Proposal (RFP) includes comprehensive building, heat loss and viability data required for preparing a quote with speed.

Benefit from receiving a healthy and rapidly growing sales pipeline of retrofit projects in your area.

Who should apply?

Any builder with retrofit design, project management and subcontracting capability who is capable of delivering any required energy efficiency measure a homeowner requests, either directly or through subcontractors.

Registration Process


You will be asked to confirm that you have the experience and capability to deliver whole home retrofits.


You will be required to agree to our terms and conditions and those of the TrustMark Code of Conduct and TrustMark Consumer Charter.


We will need to see evidence that your business has adequate insurance in place.


You will be required to submit certain documents e.g. competent person certificates, etc.

Submitting an application could not be quicker or easier. Sign up to the Retrogreen “With You All The Way™” service and complete the application form online and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

What will you be your responsibilities?

How does everyone benefit?

What are the contractors benefits?

What are the lender and property portfolio owner benefits?

What are the consumer benefits?

What is the role of a TrustMark Scheme Provider?

Builders and installers can only join TrustMark Licence Plus through a Scheme Provider relevant to their trade. It is not possible for a tradesperson to join Licence Plus directly. Digital Buildings Limited is an authorised TrustMark Scheme Provider and we have responsibility for recruiting, onboarding and auditing experienced builders into our
“With You All The Way™” retrofit service for lenders and borrowers.

Successful applicants are registered by us under the License Plus scheme as a TrustMark Registered Business

Our consumer subsidiary company RetroGreen is responsible for customer recruitment, creating a digital replica of the home, conducting an extensive pre-installation survey, preparing a Home Improvement Report and issuing RFPs to our Retrofit Contractors. 

On completion Retrogreen conducts an onsite evaluation survey and provides smart meter monitoring services to the homeowner.


We charge a one off fee for on-boarding your company and an annual fee for each registered office. Federation of Master Builder (FMB) members receive a discount on our normal rates. If you are a FMB member you will be asked to supply your membership details during the on-boarding process. All prices exclude VAT.

Contractor App

Company Onboarding Fee (One off)

Annual Registered Office Subscription Fee

RetroVerify Success Fee (Invoiced when awarded a retrofit contract)





FMB Members




Contractor App Fee FMB Members
Company Onboarding Fee (One off) £750 £375
Annual Registered Office Subscription Fee £780 £390
RetroVerify Success Fee (Invoiced when awarded a retrofit contract) £989 £989